A Level Quick Tips : Let Me Help You Reduce Your Stress Level







It is natural to feel stressed during such times. For some of you, the stress can be quite daunting, so much so that you may be unable to sleep well and health may be affected. All these are normal. Anything of a high value in life never comes easy. If it is so easy, everyone will do it.

The main reason that breeds this stress is because of uncertainty. Most of you are not that aware how your eventual A Level grades would impact your future career direction. Most JC students only seriously consider their career prospects after receiving the A Level results. Because of all these uncertainty surrounding the decision making that the the student has to make if the eventual A Level results is not ideal, there is greater fear.

To reduce your stress, the key is to reduce the uncertainty

Step 1.

First, I’ll share with you 5 important links that has information on entry requirements into the top 5 universities in SG by subject. This will help you to be more aware of your degree options based on your targeted A Level grades








Step 2

Next, there is a FB group named “Magic Career Bus” that you could join. Upon joining, you will have access to a database of different job roles written by graduates under 30 who are working in their respective roles.

If you still have any enquiries or need help in managing your stress, please feel free to contact me at +65 9299 4734 or ! 

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