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Mr. Jason Low is the principal Economics tutor for First Class and the author of Success Blueprint. Founded in 2017, First Class Economics is one of Singapore’s top Economics tuition program which specializes in teaching Economics for GCE “A” Level, JC and IB students. With 10 years of experience in teaching Economics, Jason has helped many students improve their grades. Under his teaching, all of his students were able to improve on an average of 3 grades after 3 months. 89.7% of them also scored an A for their A Level Examinations.

Jason started teaching Economics during his university days and it made him realized that he could add real value to his students. In addition, he has much personal interest in the subject and there were plenty of real life application examples which he enjoyed sharing with his students. As quoted by him, “It is always rewarding to observe students having their mini eureka moments whenever they understood important Economics concepts for the first time.”


When it comes to teaching his students, Jason adopts the following principles:

More personalised teaching

Jason believes that a more personalised teaching experience is only possible in smaller class groups, and that’s also what makes his lessons more engaging and personal. As quoted by one of his ex-students: “Jason provided me with a level of individualised attention that I could not get in school.” With a smaller class size, students are also more confident in asking questions in class and this improves their learning process.

Progressive approach

If you’re an Economics student, it’s important to understand that acing your Economics is never about memorising and regurgitating the content. It is also not about writing the most content in the shortest span of time. It is about understanding the concepts and learning how to apply these concepts in exams and in the real world. In Jason’s classes, you will learn how to be able to understand these concepts more efficiently and how to use them to competently tackle your A Levels and IB examinations. Students are also able to learn how to craft proper topic sentences, introductions and conclusions to properly structure their essay questions.

Progressing with technology

Advancement in mobile phone technology, data mining, and data analytics have already influenced a big part of our lives. Such use of technology has been slowly integrated into the public educational institutions outside of Singapore, such as a “Flipped Learning Approach” where learning is customised based on the individual needs of each student. With that said, Jason strongly believes in leveraging on technology to understand the learning process in greater and measurable detail, so as to develop an ultimate teaching pedagogy that is both engaging and efficient.

Always reachable

Jason believes in building a friendly rapport with his students and ensuring that he is always easily reachable so that they are able to reach him whenever they need help with their work. This includes vetting of essays, and answering questions when they are stuck with their school work. Be it in the wee hours of the morning or when he is travelling – he spares time for his student as long as he is able.

Beyond a tutor

As a tutor, he believes in motivating his students and providing them guidance on their future career paths and their lives. Not only a tutor, he is a friend and a mentor. To him, teaching is a two-way process and he learns a great deal from his students as much as they learn from him. Many of his ex-students still remain in contact with him, and they meet up to discuss about everything – entrepreneurship, political issues, hobbies, life goals and more.


"Economics has became my favourite subject at the end of the A Level as I thoroughly enjoyed the learning process with Mr Low. I was so shocked that I actually got an A at the end of the day. I am grateful to have known Mr Low as my mentor, my friend and my bro."

Wei Dong
Hwa Chong Institution (HCI)


"I highly recommend Jason to anyone who is lost or struggling for econs right now especially if the teaching style in school does not suit you. I have full confidence in Jason’s pedagogy, after all i would not have gotten my eventual A for econs if not for him."

Keith Teo
Hwa Chong Institution (HCI)


"Jason went the extra mile to explain complicated economic concepts clearly and succinctly.  He cared for his students by ensuring that those who have doubts receive patient guidance till they have clarified them." 

Yi Hao
Victoria Junior College (VJC)


"The U to A cliché that possibly every tutor prides themselves on may seem pretty far-fetched and impossible. But, believe me when I say that Jason is beyond equipped to help you achieve this dream."

Xener Gill
Saint Andrew Junior College (SAJC)


Learning in Jason’s class was really engaging. He makes his students think on their feet and helps them explore a variety of concepts and application skills. He was the tutor who made me enjoy Economics immensely."

Amanda Goh
Innova Junior College (IJC)


"Before I sought help from Jason, I was struggling hard to grasp even the most fundamental economic concepts and theories. However, after joining Jason’s classes, his engaging and enjoyable lessons made me look forward to learning more about economics. The more I attended, the more my interest and knowledge of economics grew and my grades similarly soared."

Gabriel Ong
National Junior College (NJC)

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