Joy of teaching

Jason was giving part-time economics tuition during his university days and he realized that he could teach. He could add real value to his students. In addition, he have much personal interest in this subject and there were plenty of application examples in reality which he enjoyed sharing with my students. Being an extrovert also helps as talking about concepts for hours come easy to him. It is always rewarding to observe students having their mini ‘Eureka!’ moments whenever they understood important economic concepts for the first time.


One question that he always receive is why does he not join the public sector and work as a school teacher/lecturer. For one, He enjoy giving his students a more personalized experience during class and that is only possible with small groups. Second, as a private tutor, his time is more flexible which allows him to pursue other interests. And third, he believe that tutors or learning centres in the private sector are more agile in experimenting or/and adopting new teaching methodologies because they are less bureaucratic, and because they must (to survive). To prove his point, and if you are interested, do observe the difference in the implementation of social media and mobile apps in learning between the public and private sectors in the next few years.

Not just a tutor, but a friend

He have taught many students and he have realized that he learn a great deal from them, just like they have from him. Many ex-students still keep in contact with him and some meet up with him quite often! They meet up to talk about all sorts of things, entrepreneurship, hobbies, political issues, life goals etc.!


One of his most memorable experience, that he probably wouldn’t have done if not for his ex-student, was traveling to Zhu Hai in China to experience a fun-ride in a Formula 1 racing car. His ex-student was training there last year and he invited him to go over to see him in action. He recommended him the fun-ride which was really affordable and exhilarating. And so he did!

Impacting lives of all Econs students

Jason’s responsibility is to help students achieve their A grade in the Economics subject. He mainly teach groups of JC students, but he also take up some individual assignments. Besides helping students develop their technical prowess in the subject, a very big part of his job also involves motivating them and shedding light on where their current academic pursuits fit into the big picture of their future careers and life.

Jason’s students saw their results improved by 3 grades on an average after 3 months, 86% of them scored A for A level Economic. His teaching method help students free up their time for other subjects.

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