First Class Economics

What are the benefits of doing well in Economics?

This is a question that many of my students always asks me, Jason, what are the benefits of doing well in Economics?

There are plenty of pretty good opportunities in the private and public sector for Economics graduates. Many go into the finance industry and in private consulting firms.

As you guys know, the Finance industry and consulting firms are always pays very well, where you can easily expect a pay package above SGD$100000 after 5 years of service.

Also, economics is quite a flexible degree and equips you with many important analysis and problem solving skills. Getting the job is just step 1, step 2 is about solving real world problems for your employer and standing out among academics who are not as dynamic.

Training in economics offers a wide range of jobs, because Economics is essentially a versatile discipline that covers many aspects of our society.

Of the top 5 paying jobs in Singapore (published by Dollars and Sense in March 2016), 2 of them requires a background in Economics. These are “foreign exchange dealer/brokers” and “trade brokers”. The other 3 on the list are “medical specialists”, “surgeons”, and “managing director/CEO”. In fact, for a CEO, besides having a strong business acumen with regards to finance, daily operations, etc, a sound understand of both microeconomics and macroeconomics can be considered essential.

Therefore, stay taking your economics seriously, be great and cheers towards a brighter future!