For JC2 students, both H1 or H2.

I have just completed all 6 days of my economics crash course this June school term break! Original Economics Resources, crafted personally by me, were printed and distributed to all participants of the crash course.

On one of the crash course days, I was casually chatting about FB and advertisements while covering the H2 chapter on Market Structure. One friendly student commented that my Economics summary notes were really useful and suggested that I provide the download link for it and FOR FREE via my Facebook adverts. She said it could serve as a very good marketing tool! Plus, even if people do not sign up for regular classes, the free download would still help countless of students throughout Singapore!

Well, I am very new to this whole Facebook Marketing thing and so naturally I’m pretty open about new ideas such as this. So I figured, why not? 😉

So here it is, the download link for one of the main handouts given out during the crash course on National Income Accounting, AD/AS, Macroeconomic goals, and Macroeconomic policies (excluding exchange rate policy).

Download my Economics Crash Course notes!


PS: stay tuned for the download link for summary notes for Demand/Supply, Elasticities, Central Problem, and Market Failure!

Check out also this book I wrote to help all JC economics student, already had over 300 downloads so far.

Download my “Economics Success Blueprint” Ebook