Why Do Most Students STRUGGLE with JC Economics?

  1. ACING your Economics is never about MEMORIZING and REGURGITATING the content
  2. It is also NOT about WRITING the MOST content in the SHORTEST time
  3. Click on the PLAY Button where I reveal in my video 2 tips that can help you IMPROVE your learning of Economics almost INSTANTLY!
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About Jason Low – Principal Tutor of First Class Econs

  • 9+ years of experience teaching A Level Economics
  • Students Improve by 3 grades on average after 3 months of mentorship
  • 89.7% of students score either an A or a B for the 2017 A Level Economics examination
  • Author of “Success Blueprint”, a crystal clear guide on how to score A in Economics
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Benefit of Small Class Learning

Our UNFAIR Advantage – Small Group Classes

  • Small group tuition has the twin advantages of a personalised learning process as well as peer learning.
  • Compared to a larger group i.e. a lecture group in a school’s auditorium or lecture hall, it is much easier for tutors to identify “lost sheep” and clarify doubts in a small group setting.
  • It is also easier for students to raise questions during lesson time.
  • Peer learning in a small group setting has been heavily emphasised in most modern learning curriculums.
  • Questions or points raised by a friend in class can help identify and iron out any of your conceptual blind spots.
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