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Welcome to First Class Economics 💡! Coping well with home-based learning so far? In Singapore, the partial lockdown (circuit-breaker) has recently been extended till the 1st of June 2020. That means more online classes for all of us. 

There are a handful of you who still feel a sense of dread when it comes to online classes. We have come up with a list of 5 key advantages of live online classes (over physical classrooms), just to give you some added encouragement. These advantages were personally provided by our First Class Economics principle tutor Jason 👨🏻‍🏫 through his own experience teaching live online classes. Watch the video below to learn more!

In Jason’s own live online Economics classes, he utilises all of these advantages mentioned in the above video to deliver quality online lessons. In addition, be it learning online or in a physical classroom, our classes are guaranteed to have no more than 8 students per class. We believe that delivering small classes would provide more individualised attention and increase engagement which accelerates learning!

The following is a list of our live online classes that are available to sign up for your trial class.

Kindly note that once a class is full, it will be taken out from the schedule below.

JC Economics

JC2 H2 Economics: Wednesday, 5:15pm
JC1 Economics: Wednesday, 7:30pm
JC2 H1 Economics: Thursday, 4:15pm
JC2 H2 Economics: Thursday, 7:00pm 
JC2 H2 Economics: Sunday, 9:30am 
JC1 Economics: Sunday, 12:00pm

IB Economics

IB Grade 11 (Year 5) Economics: Tuesday, 5:00pm 
IB Grade 11 (Year 5) Economics: Tuesday, 7:30pm 
IB Grade 12 (Year 6) Economics: Friday, 5:00pm 
IB Grade 12 (Year 6) Headstart HL Class: Saturday, 2:00pm
IB Grade 12 (Year 6) Headstart SL Class: Saturday, 4.30pm

*If none of the class timings suit you, let us know your preferred class timing in the form below and we will try our best to deliver a suitable class for you!*

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