First Class Economics


(Maximum 8 students in each class)

We pride ourselves in delivering small classes to provide individualised attention to every student. That means that our classes are guaranteed to have no more than 8 students. The following is a list of our classes that are still available to sign up for trial.

Please hurry because once a class is full, it will be taken out of this web page and no further trial class can be applied for that class. 

JC Economics

JC2 H2 Economics: Thursdays 7:00pm, Jurong

JC2 H1 Economics: Thursdays 4:15pm, Jurong

JC2 H2 Economics: Wednesdays 5:20pm, Bishan

JC1 Economics: Wednesdays 7:30pm, Bishan

JC2 H2 Economics: Sundays 9:30am, Bishan

JC1 Economics: Sundays 11:30am, Bishan

IB Economics

IB Year 5 or 11: Saturdays, 11:15am, Orchard 

IB Year 6 or 12: Saturdays 1:45pm, Orchard

IB Year 6 or 12: Sundays 2:30pm, Orchard 

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