First Class Economics

Amanda Goh (Innova Junior College)

2016 A Level H2 Economics student

Meeting Jason for the first time during his 2015 crash course for my J1 promos, I was initially ambivalent about the outcome and learning process especially since I was alone without any familiar faces in the class. Throughout that relatively short period of the crash course, I managed to grasp key concepts in Economics, which in turn made me start to enjoy the subject as well as gain confidence in it.

Learning in Jason’s class was really engaging. He makes his students think on their feet and helps them explore a variety of concepts and application skills by tweaking questions a little here and there. I was lucky to chance upon Jason’s class back in J1 which greatly helped me in my promos to J2. (As well as in my A levels!)

Jason is a dedicated Econs tutor who would go the extra mile to impart his econs knowledge, especially for those students who are willing and hungry to learn. He would also pace his lessons and check with his students from time to time to ensure that nobody is lost and left behind, and if need be, he would stay back after class to help his students out.
He was the tutor who made me enjoy Economics immensely and have seen my peaks and troughs of my JC (Econs) grades, always encouraging and keeping me in check.

I am definitely thankful and glad I met a wonderful tutor like Jason. Thank you Jason!