First Class Economics

Joleen Tan (Nanyang Junior College)

2015 A Level H2 Economics student

I never liked Economics. I was always unable to grasp the concepts and understand the topics, evidently from me constantly getting a U grade in school and an S even up till prelims. Desperate, I sought my seniors for help, in which they referred me to Jason and I can never thank them enough.

Jason is a wonderful tutor. His lessons are always clear and straight to the point, and he is somehow able to facilitate the class to suit our individual learning needs. He is patient even with students who are of a slower pace, and always finds alternative ways to explain a point to make sure his students understand thoroughly. His humor also makes lessons interesting and engaging. As he is approachable and friendly, I felt comfortable to ask questions unlike in school. He’s also a dedicated tutor who takes time out to mark my work and answer my questions even outside of lesson time.

I was always excited for tuition (I am not a nerd I assure you) because of the eureka effect I get at the end of every lesson. Jason really believed in me even when my school teachers didn’t. He showed me the light and helped me got an A for A levels. In addition, I am now very fond of Economics and also applying for an Economics course in university (which was the last thing I thought I would ever apply for).