First Class Economics

Keith Teo (Hwa Chong Institution)

2019 A Level H2 Economics student

I remember the impetus for joining Jason’s econs tuition class would be when i first received my J1 block test results. Getting my first U for econs served as a rude awakening to how little i understood about the subject. A combination of poor time management as well as a teaching style which did not suit me in school were probably the reasons for my poor performance. 

Attending Jason’s classes helped me improve tremendously, and I managed to bounce back in the next test by securing an A. I realised that theory wise, i had the knowledge albeit missing a few pieces here and there however, my main problem was condensing my thoughts and writing them out during the exam. I could say that the greatest catalyst to my success in econs would be the constant practices and drilling sessions which Jason carries out. Being tasked to analyse and answer exam based questions every week was the best practice for me as it really helped boost my confidence during the exams.

Furthermore, Jason is efficient in marking our essays and we would usually be able to correct our mistakes on the spot. This testifies to the effectiveness of a small group setting whereby sufficient time and attention is allocated to each student. Nearer to each major exam, there would also be a plethora of extra classes which Jason would organise so as to give us the final push if needed. I can safely say that I have benefited greatly from these classes especially since Jason is generous with his time and will not hesitate to answer any queries after class.

Lastly, the thing i valued the most during my time as Jason’s student was the safe and open learning environment his classes provided. Contrary to lessons in school, i find myself asking way more questions in tuition class because for one, i am confident that they will be answered succinctly and i know that i will not be judged or reprimanded for any “dumb” questions.

I highly recommend Jason to anyone who is lost or struggling for econs right now especially if the teaching style in school does not suit you. I have full confidence in Jason’s pedagogy, after all i would not have gotten my eventual A for econs if not for him.