First Class Economics

Marcus Tan (Anglo-Chinese Junior College)

2016 A Level H2 Economics student

Being one of his longest students(2.5 yrs), I would really like to take this opportunity to really thank Jason for not only teaching me Econs but guiding me through JC life with all the prep/motivation talks, advice, and for always pushing me to study and slack less! Personally, I think that he’s not just any tutor. He is more of a Friend, mentor and Brother.

Jason is really committed and passionate about teaching and often go out of his way to help his students. I still remembered the time when I retained in J1, not only did he encourage and motivate me to get back up, he even wrote an appeal letter to the principal on my behalf?! Or how I’d spam him with questions the night before exams and he would reply every question using whatsapp voice chat and even phone calls?!? Being someone who HATES to study, I do look forward to attending Jason’s class every Sunday morning. His classes are interactive and engaging, ensuring that every student gets a chance to voice their opinions/points/ideas before he adds on or suggest an alternative way of answering. His explanations are clear, points are short and direct, making it really easy to remember and I find his mind maps very beneficial as it links all the topics together, making it much easier to study.

Since I started having lessons with Jason, I’ve never gotten an Econs grade below a C for any test/exams, and do note that I am not the hardworking sort, which further proves that his teaching technique is really effective. During the A levels, the application skills and essay plans that Jason taught and emphasized, be it for case studies or essays, really were the key that helped me on that fateful exam day. We finally worked towards and achieved an A for the A levels for Econs and I’m really really thankful for you bro!!!!!