First Class Economics

Reina Goh (Nanyang Junior College)

2015 A Level H2 Economics student

Before I had tuition from Jason, I was honestly very terrible in Economics. I remember getting 4/25 for my CSQ and consistently failing my essays. I failed to understand the requirements for each question and was merely regurgitating lecture books onto my scripts. Clearly, it D did not work which explains my consistent U/S/E grade.

Initially, I was quite hesitant on getting tuition due to the fees but thankfully, Jason’s fees was cheaper than most. So I decided to give it a try with my friend.

From someone who wanted economics to vanquish from the face of Earth, the simple yet elaborate explanations from Jason actually made me like Economics a lot more because he made me realise that econs was actually an easy subject to score. Even though I was very econs-challenged and asked a lot of questions, he always answered them to the point and succinctly, and always made sure that I understood it. (He has the magic of knowing if your nod is a “I really understand it” nod or a “I give up so I shall act like I understand it” nod). CSQ will really be easy after he teaches you how to identify the requirements for each questions.  He will clearly tell you how to answer essay questions and how to get evaluation marks.

Because of Jason, I managed to get a C in my prelims (if I recall correctly I had only attended his tuition for 1 month then) and then an A for my As.

Jason can teach you things you never thought that you would understand but also, it boils down to your own efforts too. Listen diligently and ask a lot of questions. On average, I did around 1 full econs paper every week. Sent essays and CSQ for him to mark and also, you should find out what went wrong in each of your answers if you did not obtain full marks.