First Class Economics

Xener Gill (Saint Andrew’s Junior College)

2015 A Level H2 Economics student

The U to A cliché that possibly every tutor prides themselves on may seem pretty far-fetched and impossible. But, believe me when I say that Jason is beyond equipped to help you achieve this dream.

Yes, I was that typical failing JC student who never saw past 35 rank points at every school examination (with the miracle exception of promos). I started tuition with Jason in the later half of J1, when I started getting desperate for some kind of magic to get me past this miserable stage of school life. After just a couple of lessons with Jason, I felt like the concepts that were so complicated to me became more like common sense. His ability to break down complicated concepts into simple, bite-size mind maps was the first thing that struck me. But grasping the concepts was only the beginning. Evidently if I wanted to make something of my grades I had to do more. Beyond giving me questions after questions to attempt, Jason also gave me current examples to help me make sense of my knowledge. Approximately 3 months and many essay outlines later, I eventually got a B for Econs at promos and it soon became my best and favourite subject.

J2 was no easier. Though I didn’t struggle with grasping concepts, a stagnant C grade in school proved that I wasn’t pushing myself hard enough. Jason pushed me by encouraging me to try more questions and to whatsapp him the answers before my next lesson. He would grade the work and comment on it promptly so that I can make the necessary changes before the next lesson making progress much faster. He also teaches important exam skills like how to choose essay questions and the most effective way to approach CSQs. These little tips and tricks are what distinguish an A from a B. Beyond studies, Jason was also a mentor to me. He advised me on how to balance my studies and possible university courses to look at (and even kept up with my university application process).

I eventually got an A for Econs at A levels but, it wasn’t an easy journey. Well, nothing worth having ever comes easy but I know that without Jason, I wouldn’t have been able to make such drastic improvements.