First Class Economics

Yi Hao (Victoria Junior College)

2019 A Level H2 Economics student

Going to Jason’s Class felt refreshing. It was refreshing because it was a break from my typical mundane school lecture where I would get lost. It was a break from tutorials where it was difficult to obtain that level of individualised attention which Jason provides. 

Jason went the extra mile to explain complicated economic concepts clearly and succinctly.  He cared for his students by ensuring that those who have doubts receive patient guidance till they have clarified them. 

In school, it’s often difficult to arrange for consultations with teachers because either they dont have the time;  or even if they have the time, they may seem unapproachable. Jason was easily reachable. Have an urgent question you don’t know? Just text him and he will give you a satisfactory reply. Have essay plans to be vetted? No problem, he looks it through, corrects it and gives you feedback. 

For SBQ and essay questions, he trained me how to write good introductions, conclusions, and topic sentences till I was able to refine them on my own and select the best ones as ammunitions for the exams. He did not only teach me the importance of using powerful economic jargon but also emphasised on how to apply them correctly to fit into my economic arguments. 

Most importantly, Jason was always inspiring confidence, giving me the confidence boost when I had lost hope. Under his tutelage, my grades jumped 6 grades, improving from an S in prelims to an A in the A levels.