First Class Economics


Here’s what our ex-students have to say about their tutor Jason and their learning experience at First Class Economics. If you haven’t already, subscribe to our Youtube channel to see more testimonials and Economics videos. 

"From getting a U in my first block test to an eventual A in the A Level exams, I think that Jason was really the one who made this change possible."
Hwa Chong Instituition (HCI)

"To me, Mr Low is not just an Econs teacher, but more of a mentor, a friend and a brother."
Wei Dong
Hwa Chong Instituition (HCI)
"What was very memorable for me was that Jason is a very dedicated and encouraging tutor."
Jurong Pioneer Junior College (JPJC)
"The best things I liked about Jason's classes were that he explains a lot of the concepts that I was unsure about very concisely and very accurately, in a way no one else ever did before."
Kai Jie
Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC)

Keith Teo

Hwa Chong Institution (HCI)

H2 ‘A’ Level Economics student, Year 2019

I remember the impetus for joining Jason’s econs tuition class would be when i first received my J1 block test results. Getting my first U for econs served as a rude awakening to how little i understood about the subject. A combination of poor time management as well as a teaching style which did not suit me in school were probably the reasons for my poor performance. 

Attending Jason’s classes helped me improve tremendously, and I managed to bounce back in the next test by securing an A. I realised that theory wise, i had the knowledge albeit missing a few pieces here and there however, my main problem was condensing my thoughts and writing them out during the exam. I could say that the greatest catalyst to my success in econs would be the constant practices and drilling sessions which Jason carries out. Being tasked to analyse and answer exam based questions every week was the best practice for me as it really helped boost my confidence during the exams. Furthermore, Jason is efficient in marking our essays and we would usually be able to correct our mistakes on the spot. This testifies to the effectiveness of a small group setting whereby sufficient time and attention is allocated to each student. Nearer to each major exam, there would also be a plethora of extra classes which Jason would organise so as to give us the final push if needed. I can safely say that I have benefited greatly from these classes especially since Jason is generous with his time and will not hesitate to answer any queries after class. 

Lastly, the thing i valued the most during my time as Jason’s student was the safe and open learning environment his classes provided. Contrary to lessons in school, i find myself asking way more questions in tuition class because for one, i am confident that they will be answered succinctly and i know that i will not be judged or reprimanded for any “dumb” questions. 

I highly recommend Jason to anyone who is lost or struggling for econs right now especially if the teaching style in school does not suit you. I have full confidence in Jason’s pedagogy, after all i would not have gotten my eventual A for econs if not for him. 

Wei Dong

Hwa Chong Institution (HCI)

H2 ‘A’ Level Economics student, Year 2019

I joined Mr Low’s econs tuition after my Block Test 2 in Year 2 which was around 4 months before my A levels Exam. At first, even my parents doubted that a tuition at that time can help save my grades. However, Mr Low believed that I can still do well if I seriously put in the work. He was patient with me such that he would stay back after almost every lesson to answer my questions. His lessons were also very engaging, I was able to understand and memorise the concepts through the interactions in class. Furthermore, Mr Low has gone on extra miles to help me to go through my extra practices outside of lessons even when he was on a flight. He would get back to me via text messages to point out my strengths and weaknesses to help me improve at a much faster pace.

After the intense 4 months, I was actually feeling really confident for the subject. Furthermore, it has became my favourite subject at the end of the A Level as I thoroughly enjoyed the learning process with Mr Low. I was so shocked that I actually got an A at the end of the day. I am grateful to have known Mr Low as my mentor, my friend and my bro. Thank you Mr Low!

Yi Hao

Victoria Junior College (VJC)

H2 ‘A’ Level Economics student, Year 2019

Going to Jason’s Class felt refreshing. It was refreshing because it was a break from my typical mundane school lecture where I would get lost. It was a break from tutorials where it was difficult to obtain that level of individualised attention which Jason provides. 

Jason went the extra mile to explain complicated economic concepts clearly and succinctly.  He cared for his students by ensuring that those who have doubts receive patient guidance till they have clarified them. 

In school, it’s often difficult to arrange for consultations with teachers because either they dont have the time;  or even if they have the time, they may seem unapproachable. Jason was easily reachable. Have an urgent question you don’t know? Just text him and he will give you a satisfactory reply. Have essay plans to be vetted? No problem, he looks it through, corrects it and gives you feedback. 

For SBQ and essay questions, he trained me how to write good introductions, conclusions, and topic sentences till I was able to refine them on my own and select the best ones as ammunitions for the exams. He did not only teach me the importance of using powerful economic jargon but also emphasised on how to apply them correctly to fit into my economic arguments. 

Most importantly, Jason was always inspiring confidence, giving me the confidence boost when I had lost hope. Under his tutelage, my grades jumped 6 grades, improving from an S in prelims to an A in the A levels. 

Amanda Goh

Innova Junior College (IJC)

H2 ‘A’ Level Economics student, Year 2016

Meeting Jason for the first time during his 2015 crash course for my J1 promos, I was initially ambivalent about the outcome and learning process especially since I was alone without any familiar faces in the class. Throughout that relatively short period of the crash course, I managed to grasp key concepts in Economics, which in turn made me start to enjoy the subject as well as gain confidence in it.

Learning in Jason’s class was really engaging. He makes his students think on their feet and helps them explore a variety of concepts and application skills by tweaking questions a little here and there. I was lucky to chance upon Jason’s class back in J1 which greatly helped me in my promos to J2. (As well as in my A levels!)

Jason is a dedicated Econs tutor who would go the extra mile to impart his econs knowledge, especially for those students who are willing and hungry to learn. He would also pace his lessons and check with his students from time to time to ensure that nobody is lost and left behind, and if need be, he would stay back after class to help his students out.
He was the tutor who made me enjoy Economics immensely and have seen my peaks and troughs of my JC (Econs) grades, always encouraging and keeping me in check.

I am definitely thankful and glad I met a wonderful tutor like Jason. Thank you Jason! 

Gabriel Ong

National Junior College (NJC)

H2 ‘A’ Level Economics student, Year 2016




Before I sought help from Jason, I was struggling hard to grasp even the most fundamental economic concepts and theories. Due to this, I developed a distaste for the subject and despised it. However, after joining Jason’s classes, his engaging and enjoyable lessons made me look forward to learning more about economics. The more I attended, the more my interest and knowledge of economics grew and my grades similarly soared. Eventually, my fail in economics was miraculously transformed into a solid A in the A level examinations. I highly recommend any students struggling with economics to approach him!

Xener Gill

Saint Andrew Junior College (SAJC)

H2 ‘A’ Level Economics student, Year 2015

The U to A cliché that possibly every tutor prides themselves on may seem pretty far-fetched and impossible. But, believe me when I say that Jason is beyond equipped to help you achieve this dream.

Yes, I was that typical failing JC student who never saw past 35 rank points at every school examination (with the miracle exception of promos). I started tuition with Jason in the later half of J1, when I started getting desperate for some kind of magic to get me past this miserable stage of school life. After just a couple of lessons with Jason, I felt like the concepts that were so complicated to me became more like common sense. His ability to break down complicated concepts into simple, bite-size mind maps was the first thing that struck me. But grasping the concepts was only the beginning. Evidently if I wanted to make something of my grades I had to do more. Beyond giving me questions after questions to attempt, Jason also gave me current examples to help me make sense of my knowledge. Approximately 3 months and many essay outlines later, I eventually got a B for Econs at promos and it soon became my best and favourite subject.

J2 was no easier. Though I didn’t struggle with grasping concepts, a stagnant C grade in school proved that I wasn’t pushing myself hard enough. Jason pushed me by encouraging me to try more questions and to whatsapp him the answers before my next lesson. He would grade the work and comment on it promptly so that I can make the necessary changes before the next lesson making progress much faster. He also teaches important exam skills like how to choose essay questions and the most effective way to approach CSQs. These little tips and tricks are what distinguish an A from a B. Beyond studies, Jason was also a mentor to me. He advised me on how to balance my studies and possible university courses to look at (and even kept up with my university application process).

I eventually got an A for Econs at A levels but, it wasn’t an easy journey. Well, nothing worth having ever comes easy but I know that without Jason, I wouldn’t have been able to make such drastic improvements.

Joleen Tan

Nanyang Junior College (NYJC)

H2 ‘A’ Level Economics student, Year 2015

I never liked Economics. I was always unable to grasp the concepts and understand the topics, evidently from me constantly getting a U grade in school and an S even up till prelims. Desperate, I sought my seniors for help, in which they referred me to Jason and I can never thank them enough.

Jason is a wonderful tutor. His lessons are always clear and straight to the point, and he is somehow able to facilitate the class to suit our individual learning needs. He is patient even with students who are of a slower pace, and always finds alternative ways to explain a point to make sure his students understand thoroughly. His humor also makes lessons interesting and engaging. As he is approachable and friendly, I felt comfortable to ask questions unlike in school. He’s also a dedicated tutor who takes time out to mark my work and answer my questions even outside of lesson time.

I was always excited for tuition (I am not a nerd I assure you) because of the eureka effect I get at the end of every lesson. Jason really believed in me even when my school teachers didn’t. He showed me the light and helped me got an A for A levels. In addition, I am now very fond of Economics and also applying for an Economics course in university (which was the last thing I thought I would ever apply for).